1 Small Shift Can Change Everything

Many entrepreneurs struggle with wanting to enhance their business and leadership skills.  As a personal coach, I help extraordinary entrepreneurs achieve more personal clarity, career accountability and inner peace so they can enjoy the journey along the way.


A Shift Can Change Your

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  • Are you feeling like you don’t have real clarity on how to reach new levels of success?
  • Do you feel like you can’t enjoy the career successes you’ve worked so hard to achieve?
  • Have you hit a plateau in your business and need to find new ways to play at the next level?
  • Are you frustrated with how your work-life conflicts with your personal relationships?
  • Do you want to see problems as opportunities and overcome the obstacles in your life?
  • Are you excited by the idea of discovering new freedoms and new opportunities?

… then it all starts with 1 small shift.  


The results you are getting in your life and your business are the result of the systems you’ve created.


How do we define success? And once we’ve achieved it, why don’t we feel better about our lives? Are we really being our best selves? The secret lies in our ability to continually “check-in” with our goals – in all areas of our identity: career, relationships, family, health. 

Personal Coaching

I coach extraordinary entrepreneurs who are seeking personal clarity, career accountability, and a deeper sense of inner peace.

Performance Coaching

I help people develop individualized strategies for improving their fitness, nutrition and life habits so they can perform at the highest level.

The coaching sessions will help you obtain the tools and strategies that are critical to playing at the highest level while maintaining harmony in your work, family, and personal life.

"I am not teaching you anything. I just help you to explore yourself."

Bruce Lee


I understand the isolation of being at the top of an organization and the value of having a coach with whom to share ideas and explore different means of personal transformation.

It is deeply satisfying to me when I see people make personal shifts for themselves and become more aligned with who they truly want to be. 





How does the coaching process work?

Through our coaching conversations, we will reframe your goals and challenges, so you can achieve greater clarity and amazing results. I guarantee that your approach to leadership, relationships – and even yourself – will  FUNDAMENTALLY shift.

Start the process with a free, 60-minute discovery session, and let’s see if we can move into a deeper coaching conversation.




"Phil has been instrumental in bringing me clarity and accountability in all areas of my life.  He has a unique, positive perspective and a way of resetting and refocusing you at each session. I feel that I've grown physically and mentally through my regular coaching sessions with Phil and I look forward to many more."

~Bryson Reaume,
Co-Founder, and President of CCI

"I think Phil has a unique perspective for people at time in their lives where the pressure of work, family, and health all collide.  I think Phil is attuned to the changes in technology, the changes in health and strategies and ideas to make life work for people in way that very few others have."

~Christopher C. Rising,
Co-founder & CEO, Rising Realty Partners

"I struggled on the rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs when running my business.  When things where good, I was good, when they weren’t, i wasn’t either.  I wanted to find a way to achieve more balance with family, business and myself.  And Phil has totally helped me with that and I know its been a game changer for me."

~Anson Sowby,
Co-Founder and CEO of Battery

"This is SO much better than therapy! In clinical therapy, there are rules and boundaries that inhibitactual conversation and reciprocity. Coaching, however, allows for a back and forth dialogue, where self-
 discovery and deep personal exploration are paramount to the experience."

~Heather Heimerl Brunold,
President and CEO, Words2Action

"Before coaching, I had less accountability and less time to actually talk through items that were important vs. urgent. The time dedicated to focusing on important items is critical for me."

~David. Barulich,
Founder of Profundium

"I never thought how valuable a personal coach could be until I started with Phil.  From professional forks in the road to personal dilemmas, he has truly been a person I rely on to help navigate various issues and unlock answers to questions I’ve been struggling with"

~Tim Kaeding
Designer and Owner, Mother Denim

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Start the process with a free, 60-minute discovery session, and let’s see if we can move into a deeper coaching conversation that can lead you to greater harmony with everything in your life.